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The New Celebrity Destination? Greece!

It might be somewhere you’ve probably tried to avoid after getting bored of history lessons in school. It might be somewhere you only know for having a Big Fat Wedding. It might be somewhere you know because of the recent financial issues the country has been having. It should be somewhere you need to go if you want to start taking vacations like the biggest celebrities do. Read more…


Paltrow & Martins Homes

As you might expect, power couple Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have not compromised on their home, or should we say homes. Read more…


Jennifer Aniston’s Home

As you might expect Jennifer Aniston’s home reflects both her beauty and her astronomical success in the popular sitcom Friends. Read more…


Olivia Newton John’s House

This Antipodean beauty is best known for her role in Grease but a long career in music and cinema means that choosing a home is a breeze for Olivia Newton John. Read more…

Natural Secrets to having Celeb Skin








We all would love to have skin that glows like Beyonce or shines like Emma Stone, so what exactly is the secret behind the star’s perfect complexions. When it comes to our skin we can never be too careful. Unfortunately the harsh environment can have adverse effects on our skin and we must take care of it in the best way possible. While there are millions of skin care products out there, some of whom market themselves as “natural” and “organic”, we have to ask ourselves, can we really trust they are telling the truth? Many celebs boast their secret is all about going au natural with simple products containing few ingredients.

It is easy for cosmetic companies to label their products to make us believe they will benefit us. In many cases the back of the bottle lists numerous ingredients that we can’t even pronounce. Cosmetic skincare products may contain man-made chemicals which can have harmful long-term effects on our skin.  Is this something we want to apply to our skin which we are trying so hard to preserve?

Let’s take things back to basics. Yes, we are talking good old fashioned natural remedies, originating from plants and other various natural sources. By using natural remedies that are comprised of a single or few ingredients we can treat our skin with products that have most likely been used by people all over the world for hundreds possibly thousands of years. We are simply going taking our skin back to a time before chemicals and big brand cosmetic companies existed.

Nature is my Medicine: Natural Ways to Treat your Skin

Coconut Oil 7099855287_a0fdb16910_z

Coconut oil provides an abundance of uses which can benefit the skin as well as being great for hair and even to eat. Coconut oil is great for healing wounds quickly and even removing makeup. It is gentle on the skin and when applied, can strengthen skin, act as a natural sunscreen and contains antioxidant and antibacterial components. Coconut oil is one of the ultimate natural skin care products that will provide skin with the nutrients it craves to look and feel healthy and is always easy to find in the shops.

Raw Honey

Don’t be alarmed, honey is not just for dipping apples in or sweetening up your smoothie. Believe it or not raw honey is an incredible natural product for your skin. It contains vitamins and natural acids to enhance your skin’s health. As raw honey is unprocessed, it is able to heal wounds and is even known to be good for acne as well as being a healer of certain skin infections such as, psoriasis. Raw honey is a great addition to your natural skin care regime and if left on for only ten short minutes, will leave you amazed at the smooth and glowing result after it is rinsed it off. 4117921453_93e8bca9fa_z








Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an incredible product which has been used for hundreds of years and has a range of useful benefits.  A little bit of this essential oil goes along way with its plentiful benefits. It is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory making it an ideal remedy for acne, treating it in a gentle way.

Tea tree oil is also effective when applied to new tattoos. People with brand new ink may be worried that the recommended over the counter creams may cause harsh reactions to their tattoo such as fading. Tea tree oil is a brilliant solution as it won’t cause too much moisture, allowing the tattoo to breathe while it heals and will not cause fading. On the contrary, those who are considering tattoo removal or have had the procedure carried out can also find tea tree oil useful. Tea tree oil will naturally heal any redness caused by tattoo removal procedures and can also aid in fading the scars over time.

Many people are not familiar with tattoo removal procedures and avoid the procedure assuming it will leave them with scars. However, this is not the case and many cosmetic skin care clinics like this one near Trowbridge in the UK can provide doubters with all the information they need to address their questions and concerns.

15903596502_ddedc846c0_z (1)

Whatever your skin type or possible skin issue, you cannot find more gentle treatments than the three mentioned. These natural remedies have worked for people for generations and by using them you will not need to worry about applying something to your skin that has been made up in a lab. Skin is precious and we must take care of it the best we can. So why not give each of these a go and see which one works best for you.





New Year Hotspots

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Getting Celeb Hair Right

How do celebs seemingly have flawless hair? Well they follow some of these industry tips, and we’re going to dish them out for you on the blog today. Read more…


Karl Lagerfeld’s Parisian Apartment

Even if you are a bit oblivious when it comes to fashion, chances are you’ve heard of top fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who not only designs for Chanel, but also his own range. Check out his beautiful Parisian apartment right here. Read more…

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Beautiful Bahrain

Officially known as the Kingdom of Bahrain, the island country of Bahrain is a beautiful place to visit, and with luxury a given, you couldn’t pick anywhere better. Let’ts take a little look around beautiful Bahrain and see what sights and sounds it has to offer. Read more…


The Best Celebrity Bathrooms In The World

Some celebrities live lavish lifestyles. They spend money on cars, yachts, holidays and of course their homes. We venture into the private lives of the stars and check out the most outrageous and expensive celebrity bathrooms of the world.  From sleek stones surfaces to hot tub masterpieces, they are as stylish as their home owners.

1.The master bath is sheathed in glass tiles by Ann Sacks, the parchment-covered vanity and mirrors are custom made, and the sink and fittings are by Waterworks. And see the full home tour here.

Cameron Diaz

The bath is fitted with glass tiles while the vanity unit and mirrors are custom made. It all comes together to compete a beautiful space from Ann Sacks.

2. The serene master bath in filmmaker Michael Bay's Miami Beach home is sheathed in etched-stone tiles; the bathtub is cast concrete, and the shower fittings are by Boffi. Tour this home.

Michael Bay

The filmmakers’ Miami Beach home is jaw dropping. The bath tub is made from cast concrete and the shower is fitted by Boffi.

3. An antique earthenware tub from LooLoo Design in the master bath; the towel bars are by Rocky Mountain Hardware, and the mosaic floor is by Daltile. For a full tour of Meg Ryan's beautiful beach house, decorated with the help of Marsha Russell of Satinwood, click here.

Meg Ryan

The airy space comes together beautifully. The tub in the centre of the room comes from Loo Loo Design.

4. The master bathroom features a Carrara-marble tub surround, floor tiles by Ann Sacks, a woven stool from Apartment 48, and Armani/Casa towels. To tour the rest of John Mayer's New York City abode, click here.

John Mayer

The wash room in John Mayer’s house is spacious and airy. The floor tiles originate from Ann Sacks.

5.  The cabinetry and mirror frame in Courtney Cox's master bath are ebonized white oak, the pendant lights are custom made, and the sink fittings are by Waterworks; the chair and ottoman are upholstered in a velvet by Rose Tarlow Melrose House, and the artwork was done by Cox's father while he was in high school. To tour the rest of her beautiful home, click here.

Courtney Cox

The hanging lights in Courtney’s master bathroom are custom made, the cabinet and mirror frame are made from white oak while the sink area was produced by Waterworks.

6. A Victoria + Albert claw-foot tub with fittings by Samuel Heath in the master bath. For a tour of Keri Russell's gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone, click here.

Keri Russell

This light and compact bathroom is finished to the highest standard possible by Trade Radiators.

7. In Jimmy Choo designer Tamara Mellon's Hamptons house, the floor and shower stall in the master bathroom are sheathed with mosaic tiles.

Tamara Mellon

The spacious shower room in Tamara’s Hamptons’ home was kitted out by renowned designer Jimmy Choo.

8. The powder room in actor Anthony Edwards and beauty maven Jeanine Lobell's Manhattan apartment is dressed in a Stark wallpaper; the large-scale pattern breathes life into this small space. Tour this home.

Anthony Edwards

The make up room in Anthony Edwards New York apartment is traditional with the eye catching wallpaper from Stark.

The designs in these celebrity homes are exceptional. These examples of well designed and finished bathrooms should give you inspiration on how to create your own masterpiece in your home.

It goes without saying that most celebrities are in a position to buy the latest state of the art designs when remodeling their bathrooms but we may not be able to do that. It can be very expensive however there are ways to say money, regular boiler maintenance can save you thousands in the long run which is why MJT Controls are so popular in offering spares parts and boiler accessories to ensure your boiler is at peak condition.

Shopping online and sourcing cheaper materials, fixtures and fittings will also make it possible for you to achieve a beautiful bathroom design without paying celebrity prices.

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Avicii’s “Decked” out LA Pad

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Ripa and Consuelos and their Lovely Home

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Billy Joel’s Houses

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