Jennifer Aniston’s Home

As you might expect Jennifer Aniston’s home reflects both her beauty and her astronomical success in the popular sitcom Friends.

The $21million home was designed in 1965 by Quincy Jones and boasts an impressive 8,500 square feet.

The Bel Air home comes with over 3 acres of land, a pool and wine cellar and has incredible views that take in the city and the sea.

Stylishly designed, the great use of glass makes this property incredibly bright and uses light to its benefit throughout. Truly worthy of being a home of a star.

Take a look at the pictures below to see if you think the hefty price tag was worth it for this slice of luxury.

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Jennifer also has an impressive industrial chiller from Inducomm, we can only imagine that this is because of the huge amounts of food and drinks that are in the house to keep it fresh and ready for any guests arrivals. It would come in very handy for throwing parties and various other events within the house- making it essentially as effective as any other venue. Imagine being able to through any sort of event from your house? More information here:

ivy-and-lattice-work-outside-Anistons-house Jennifer-Anistons-21-million-mansion-Bel-Air Jennifer-Anistons-house-for-sale-in-Bel-Air-front-door-611x425 Jennifer-Anistons-new-dining-room Jennifer-Anistons-new-house-red-door Jennifer-Anistons-new-pool-in-Bel-Air Jennifer-Anistons-white-bedroom-Bel-Air library living-room-2 living-room-3 long-second-floor-covered-balcony red-fireplace

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