Billy Joel’s Houses

Billy Joel is one of the most popular musicians ever to grace the stage and his two beautiful homes are testament to a long and successful career.

A townhouse in New York and beach house in The Hamptons are pretty much at the top of anyone’s list as desirable property and Joel does not disappoint.

Take a look at some of the pictures below to see what you could have, all you need is a prolonged and extremely successful music career and it could all be yours.

Billy-Joels-Beach-house-1 Billy-Joels-beach-house-bathroom Billy-Joels-beach-house-bedroom-2 Billy-Joels-Beach-House-family-room-now-1 Billy-Joels-Beach-House-fireplace-now Billy-Joels-Beach-House-kitchen-now-2 Deck-view-of-the-beach West-Village-Townhouse-front-room

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