Avicii’s “Decked” out LA Pad

Here in the UK, we think of an extravagant house as one that has a nice extension and a good kitchen worktop. For  a superstar DJ like Avicii, you might expect him to have a house furnished with his native country’s top furniture (Hello Ikea). Take one look at this incredible $15.5 million home in the heart of Hollywood and you’ll soon be wondering if you should have started playing about with decks at a younger age.

Now this house follows a very stereotypical look of a “hills” style house: lots of glass, a panoramic view, everything facing outwards. What is quite noticeable though is the simple lack of thought put in to how the house is laid out. While the shell divides the house in to two separate points, and provides a great view when going between the two, the actual free space in the living areas are very much squashed together.

Look at the arrangement of the cinema room for example and you’ll see that the room feels quite cluttered with a coffee table and seats that really don’t fit in with the vibe of the room. The same can be seen in the corner office where the leather chairs would be more at place out on the deck and not in what is probably the home’s only formal space.

One thing the house does get right is the main bedroom. The bed sits far enough back for ensured privacy, but at angle that creates an incredible view to wake up to. The clear distinction of the carpet to wood floor to tiles on deck also give the room a flow that the muted tone wouldn’t generally perceive.

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