The New Celebrity Destination? Greece!

It might be somewhere you’ve probably tried to avoid after getting bored of history lessons in school. It might be somewhere you only know for having a Big Fat Wedding. It might be somewhere you know because of the recent financial issues the country has been having. It should be somewhere you need to go if you want to start taking vacations like the biggest celebrities do.

Greece has now become something of an exclusive holiday spot for many celebrities looking to go on holiday and make sure they can disappear for a weeks without the paparazzi bothering them. With holidays to Greece on the rise again, now might be the time to go there yourself and spend some time enjoying the high life like Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, Rihanna and Johnny Depp do.

greek mansion

As the country has had quite a tough time with debt recently, the cost of the tourism has also become cheaper. For most of us, that means that things like flights and hotels have gotten much cheaper. You might even remember that in 2015 Ryanair gave travellers the chance to fly to Athens for just €5 each way to help keep the tourist industry afloat. For many celebrities, this meant that their luxury villas became much cheaper (and they could even make something of it in the process).

katy perry greece

If you’re young and like to party, take a holiday like Katy Perry where you can lounge all day by the beach with a view like this to keep you company. It’s noted that the further south you go, the cheaper accomodation gets. Places like Lakkos, Oitylo and Kalamata have a much more laid back vibe than the main part of the country and that’s where you’ll find a lot of luxury homes still on the market for what would be considered a bargain.

villa like this

For a celebrity like Tom Hanks, the small island of Antiparos is the ideal getaway spot. His villa is quite similar to the one pictured above and this is what a traditionally styled island home in Greece looks like. It’s a simple affair with a completely white painted façade to help keep the house cool and covers for the windows to keep the sun out in the middle of the town and batten down the hatches if there’s a storm on the horizon. Of course if you’re after a much more understated affair and are a fan of Leonard Cohen, you could always visit the island of Hydra. Very early on in his career, the singer bought a small house for a report $1500 dollars and became a hit with the locals. There is a great little story about this affinity for Greece on this fan site.

strongiliii island

Of course it you don’t want to be as modest as old Mr Cohen, you could just turn the financial problems of the country to your advantage and buy an entire island that the Greek Government. That’s what actor Johnny Depp did, snapping up the piece of land you see above. This is the island right in the middle of the Aegean Sea. It only has one house on it as you can see and is only 0.2km wide, making it ideal for a nice morning run. Depp reportedly paid €2.4m for the island, which considering you don’t have to worry about noisy neighbours or tourists showing up at your front door, is a bargain.

What do you think of these properties? Do you see yourself jetting off to Greece any time soon and not coming back if there’s a cheap island up for grab? Who knows. You might just end up having Angelina Jolie as your next door neighbour.

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