Karl Lagerfeld’s Parisian Apartment

Even if you are a bit oblivious when it comes to fashion, chances are you’ve heard of top fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who not only designs for Chanel, but also his own range. Check out his beautiful Parisian apartment right here.

Situated on Paris’ trendy Left Bank, favoured by those in the arts, Lagerfeld was a fan of sumptuous 18th Century style, and these 1989 pictures of when he opened his home are testament to his unique style. Located just a few kilometres from the heart of the city, the Champs-Elysees with its chic Parisian hotels, designer shops and popular tourist sites, it was even closer to the Gothic magnificence that is Notre Dame.

With interiors reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles, it was a home fit for a prince, which in the fashion world he is. Having been a designer for Chloe, and been director Fendi as well as at the most iconic French fashion house, Chanel, Karl is a fan on switching up his style, as his looks and weight over the years can testify.

However they say fashion is fickle, and this is as true for Lagerfeld as for any – he sold this magnificent 9-room Rococo styled apartment in 2000 for over $20million.

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