Getting Celeb Hair Right

How do celebs seemingly have flawless hair? Well they follow some of these industry tips, and we’re going to dish them out for you on the blog today.


Kim’s perfect shine. Emma Stone’s amazing dye job (did you know she’s naturally blonde). Swifty’s immaculate bob. Celebs just make having perfect hair look so easy. Only, it isn’t. If you want to achieve nearly perfect looking hair and don’t have the time or money that a celeb does on a top stylist, here are some handy tips that will make getting ready come rain or shine easy peasy.

Tip 1: Read The Label

Next time you’re in a chemists and skimming through all the shampoos on offer, have a look at the back of the bottle and keep an eye out for sulphate or parabens. These are chemicals that are great are keeping hair clean, but also clean a bit too forcibly and can cause some damage to the follicles in the short term, especially if you’re leaving it in for a deep condition.

Tip 2: You can wet style better

Hands up if you’re guilty of wet styling because you’re just too lazy to spend more time on your hair? There is an ingenius technique to getting hair looking on fleek without having to sit fighting with some irons. I read this tip in Marie Claire and i can attest to it working. Here’s what you do:

You want the lengths to be damp, not dripping wet. Witha towel, squeeze sections, holding until finger-shaped dents form. (Optional: Apply leave-in conditioner before this step for extra hold.) Finalement, air-dry without touching. Once the moisture’s completely evaporated, you can shake out the chunks to break them up a bit.

Tip 3: Don’t go dye crazy

Ombre is in, we can all agree on that. But don’t start experimenting like crazy or you could end up having to do what Jenifer Aniston did and cutting more than your ends off. My advice for keeping your ombre looking fresh is to buy some chalk dye. If you’ve no clue what that is, it is just chalk that can you rub in your hair which acts as a natural dye until you wash it out again. It’s less harmful than temporary dye from the bottle

Tip No 4: Treat. Yo. Self.

This might sound like the most obvious advice on the planet, but getting a professional to look at your hair more than when you just need it done will do wonders for the quality and condition of your hair. If you’re constantly trying to keep your hair looking glossy and straight (without obvious marks from your straighteners) getting a good Brazilian blow dry is cheaper than you think.

Tip No 5: Powder It Up

What the last thing you do with your hair before running out the door? Are you prone like A LOT of us and just go crazy with the hairspray until you find hairs that won’t budge, but leave that obvious shiny and sticky look.

Hair powder is the way to go, especially if you have short hair. It can help add volume without having the extremely glossy look some gels and creams do. It’s also especially great for short looking to add a bit of oomph to their ‘dos.

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