Connelyly & Bettany’s New York Home

Another beautiful celebrity couple, Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany, have put their beautiful 9 bedroom home up for sale.

The great property house is located in Brooklyn, New York and is valued at around $8.5million and you can see why.

The beautiful, large rooms are complimented by equally large windows allowing the sunlight to flood in and make this amazing house a home.

Jennifer-Connelly-and-Paul-Bettany-Brownstone-listing-pics-1 Jennifer-Connelly-and-Paul-Bettany-Brownstone-listing-pics-2 Jennifer-Connelly-and-Paul-Bettany-Brownstone-listing-pics-3 Jennifer-Connelly-and-Paul-Bettany-Brownstone-listing-pics-4 Jennifer-Connelly-and-Paul-Bettany-Brownstone-listing-pics-5 Jennifer-Connelly-and-Paul-Bettany-Brownstone-listing-pics-6

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