Mel Gibson’s Homes

Movie legend and Director Mel Gibson has had his ups and downs in recent years but nobody can deny he has featured in some pretty amazing films in his time.

Below you can see the two properties he spends most of his time in. One in Greenwich and one in Malibu, Gibson seems to have every angle covered with these two great homes.

Being in a position to own two homes as stunning as these is an enviable position to be in and you can choose your favourite by looking at the great pictures featured below.

great-room-611x406 Lavender-Hill-Farm-bedroom-611x407 Lavender-Hill-Farm-breakfast-room-611x408 Lavender-Hill-Farm-kitchen-611x407 Lavender-Hill-Farm-yellow-checked-floor-bath-611x401 Mel Gibson slashes price of US home mel-gibson-greenwich-cathedral-ceiling mel-gibson-greenwich-dining-room mel-gibson-greenwich-lawn mel-gibson-greenwich-library mel-gibson-greenwich-living-room mel-gibson-greenwich-maze mel-gibson-greenwich-staff-house Mel-Gibsons-Lavender-Hill-Farm-Malibu-exterior-611x408 pool-611x406 tile-stairs-611x408

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